NAEJ Journalist Of The Year 2021(2nd Place)

NAEJ Awards Finalist 2021

LA Press Club Awards Finalist 2020

KCRW Radio Race Finalist 2020 

Center For Cultural Innovation Grant 2019



The Pulse (WHYY)  | "Inside The World Of Foley Artists"

(*2020 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards Finalist)

The Frame | "A Show That Demands 'Close' Listening"

(*2020 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards Finalist)

Take Two | "LA's Indigenous Peoples' Day"

KCRW | "All Aboard Cucamonga

(*2020 Radio Race Finalist)

Take Two | "Kayaking In Hollywood"

Take Two | "Exploring LA's Zine Scene"

Take Two | "Upland's Plane Problem"

Take Two |  "Neighborhood Unity, One Chord At Time"

KSPC | Comedian Profiles: Interviews With Julie Klausner And Jen Kirkman



The New Yorker | "Americana in 2020"

LAist | "People Are Ripping Off Seniors"

(*2020 LA Press Club Awards Finalist)

The Boston Globe | "What Is Six Feet Long?"

Center for Health Journalism | "LA County Is Reporting More Elder Abuse Than Ever Before"

LAist | "No Panic Guide To Social Distancing"

Longreads | "Cyberchondria: D.I.Y. Diagnosis"

The Sex Ed | "A History Of Sanitary Products"

They Draw And Cook | "Magical Miso Sauce"

Optimist Films | "Maya Womxn In LA"

Optimist FIlms | "New Starts At New Earth"

Living On One | "Abandoned At The Border"

Living On One | "Miry's List"