Ambie Awards Best Independent Podcast 2023

Webby Awards Honoree 2023

AIPS Audio Award Longlist 2023

NAEJ Awards Finalist 2023

Center For Cultural Innovation Grant Recipient 2023

The Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund Recipient 2023

Gracie Awards Honorable Mention 2023

International Sport Press Association Young Reporter Finalist 2022

AIPS Audio Award Longlist 2022

Webby Awards Honoree 2022

On Air Fest 2022 Official Selects

Spotify Podcasts Community Awards 2021

NAEJ Awards Finalist 2021

Southern California Journalism Awards Finalist 2021 (2nd Place)

NAEJ Journalist Of The Year 2020 (2nd Place)

NAEJ Awards Finalist 2020

LA Press Club Awards Finalist 2020

KCRW Radio Race Finalist 2020

Center For Cultural Innovation Grant Recipient 2019


BLIND LANDING |  I'm the creator, host and editor of the podcast Blind Landing. The series was named one of The Atlantic's Best Podcasts of 2021 and has been featured in outlets like The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Elle Magazine, Vulture, The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, The Sunday Post, The Week, The Advocate, The New Zealand Herald, CBC Radio, ABC Radio, KQED and Slate. (*2022 Webby Awards Honoree, 2022 AIPS Audio Award Finalist, 2023 Gracie Awards Honorable Mention, 2023 AIPS Audio Award Finalist & 2023 Ambie Award Winner) 

Reported Stories: 

The Pulse (WHYY)  | Inside The World Of Foley Artists (*National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards Finalist)

The Frame (KPCC) | A Show That Demands 'Close' Listening (*National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards Finalist)

Take Two (KPCC) | LA's Indigenous Peoples' Day

Take Two (KPCC) | Kayaking In Hollywood

Take Two (KPCC) | Exploring LA's Zine Scene​

Official Selects (On Air Fest) | High Holidays

Radio Race (KCRW) | All Aboard Cucamonga (*KCRW Radio Race Finalist)

Take Two (KPCC) | Upland's Plane Problem

Take Two (KPCC) |  Neighborhood Unity, One Chord At Time



The New Yorker | Americana in 2020

LAist | People Are Ripping Off Seniors (*LA Press Club Awards Finalist)

The Boston Globe | What Is Six Feet Long?

Center for Health Journalism | LA County Is Reporting More Elder Abuse Than Ever Before

LAist | No Panic Guide To Social Distancing (*Southern California Journalism Awards – 2nd Place)

Longreads | Cyberchondria: D.I.Y. Diagnosis

The Sex Ed | A History Of Sanitary Products

They Draw And Cook | Magical Miso Sauce


ABC (Australia) | The worst gymnastics mistake in Olympic history

Front Office Sports Today | Simone Biles Is Back  

Spotify Podcasts | Ari Saperstein of Blind Landing on Devastating Gymnastics Mishaps - a Spotify Exclusive Interview

The IX | What The NYT did to Livvy Dunne is a travesty — Thoughts from Ari Saperstein

The Feed | Interview with Ari Saperstein from Blind Landing

One More Question with Britany Robinson | Ari Saperstein on Writing for The Cut

Podcast Love with Alex Kapelman | Hot dogs and story structure

The Audio Storyteller with Clare Wiley | Stick the landing

The Echo | Multimedia Journalist Discovers Passion Through Trial and Error


University of Pennsylvania / Yale Law Journal | Reckoning with Race and Disability, Jasmine E. Harris (WSJ reporting referenced)

University of Vienna | The Deaf View. An analysis of the sound and image design in the series 'This Close' (KPCC/LAist reporting referenced)

Cal Lutheran University | Along The Los Angeles River, Natalie Diaz (KPCC/LAist reporting referenced)

Trinity College | Scripted Realities: Representations of Autism in Hollywood and Their Effect on Public Discourse, Jessica Jones (WSJ reporting referenced)

The Conversation | On screen and on stage, disability continues to be depicted in outdated, cliched ways, Dr. Magda Romanska (WSJ reporting referenced)

Medium | The art of acting and who benefits from “cripping up”?, Natalie Durr (KPCC/LAist reporting referenced)