This is a photo of me as a 5-year-old living in Jerusalem. As you can see, I still have the same Spock-like ears but none of the same teeth.

In 2015, while getting my degree in media studies, I won a competition to speak at a TEDx conference about social-emotional learning and research I did for the National Science Foundation. That was my first foray into storytelling on a big platform, and it inspired me to pursue it professionally.

As a video producer for Optimist Films, I make short-form documentaries centered around social justice. In 2019, I joined KPCC 89.3, the NPR Los Angeles affiliate. At KPCC, I've produced and reported stories for The Frame, Take Two, AirTalk and FilmWeek. Currently, I work as an on-call assistant producer at the station.

In addition to my audio and video work, I'm also an editorial illustrator for outlets like AARP, Longreads, The SexEd & Gothamist, and a freelance writer for publications like LAist and New York Magazine

I'm an independent producer based in Los Angeles. I love to collaborate with people across all creative fields on storytelling.